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Keloid creams keloid remedies

        You can find all kind of keloid creams out there and the thing you should look for is a scar healing cream,vitamin-based, silicone, or water-based and homeopathic scar gels and ointments. This products can reduce scar size, height, color, thickness. They can smoothen and soften the keloid scar and limit its growth.There are also a few keloid home remedies. One of them is using garlic oil or crushed garlic on the keloid. But do this with caution. If the burning becomes to mush wash with water and salt. Another keloid remedy is applying a paste made of crushed aspirin and water directly over the keloid .Repeat this several times the see the effects. Of course the best thing to do is combine some of these methods but firstly go to your local doctor and ask for help. Note that as every body is different some of these keloid home remedies may in fact harm you in stead of heal you.

        Keloid tend to develop at the age of young adults and rarely in old age. Growth tends to be progressive.
Keloids scars are a result of aggressive healing process. These scars extend beyond the original injury. Its potential treatments include surgical removal, injections with steroids, cryotherpy, creams and gels.

Keloid creams keloid remedies pictures Keloid creams keloid remedies Keloid creams keloid remedies

        The factors that drives the occurrence of keloid are :

  1. Chronic infection.
  2. A foreign object in the wound.
  3. The lack of a local relaxation time of healing wounds.
  4. Excessive injury.

keloid keloid