Keloid Healing

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Keloid healing - is keloid dangerous ?

        No, but it is not aesthetically attractive. We must therefore treat them as it can continue to grow.
Attention, keloids frequently, even when fully cured, just come back ! A change of jewelry for example that recreates a wound can create a keloid to come back! And sometimes we do not know why they come back after a few months ... the same treatment is therefore recommendable.

        Keloid is high degree progressive growth of a scar tissue, scar morphology and proliferation of similar benign diseases (also known as opera marks). Chinese medicine called keloid "lumps of meat." Keloid etiology has not yet been identified.
Incidence of systemic or local factors, internal factors play a leading role. Possible scar left by the poor quality of a surgery, burns, grave-sweepers, local and other factors can cause keloids.

Keloid healing

        Vaccinations or folliculitis, acne , common in young people aged 10-20 can sometimes cause a keloid. In this case the keloid healing is faster. This disease usually appears on a hairy chest, on the shoulders, neck, back and ear, and other parts...

keloid keloid