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keloid keloid

How to remove Keloid ...

        Surgery for simple keloid tissue must be done with good handling. Skin closure should be done to prevent keloid recurrence. Cutting the skin can also be a way to reduce skin tension. Try to prevent all sources of infection post surgery (hair, foreign objects, and hematom infection). The surgery will be more effective when combined with external radiation, and injection.

Some information about the scars after keloid removal :

        After surgery, injury or burns, the trace is visible externally, as a scar. The mechanisms for healing are very complex and the final appearance of the scar is therefore unpredictable.

Keloid removal Keloid removal Keloid removal

        In unfavorable cases, the scar may develop into a hypertrophic scar corresponding to an excessive production of collagen. To suppress the stimulus, before surgery, an injection of Glucocortikoid-crystal-suspension in the cut set must be made. Also X-ray irradiation, icing of keloids in the affected areas have already brought success.
You should however know that the recovery rate in keloids is approximately 30 percent. For this reason, often a massage to prepare the keloid is done with a special gel or a cortisone ointment.

keloid keloid