Keloids are gentle scars that develop after healing of wounds that may occur during surgical operations, injury to the skin, acne or even piercing. Ensuring you deal with any skin trauma may be a good means of prevention of keloid formation and this would spare you the trouble of getting rid of the keloid scar. Prevention is thus vital and it should rather be preferred over keloid treatment piercing. Keloid scars from ear piercing have proven to the most notorious scars to deal with besides messing up your appearance in the event they keep growing massive over time. Thus as everyone would want to remain attractive, it is essential to strive towards removal of the ear keloid.

There are several home remedies that might show satisfactory results in keloid treatment piercing you might want to try a hand in before seeking the service of a professional. A good number of these remedies have been reported to bring forth good results in most cases but they call for patience on your part. For instance, mixing a crushed aspirin tablet with water and making a paste, then applying this paste on the keloid scar on your ear twice every day may get you exactly what you are looking for. In addition, the powder from the crashed aspirin may be mixed with lemon juice rather than water. The product paste here should be smeared on the scar and the environs. Wait until the paste dries up and wash it off with water. Another cheap and effective homemade remedy for keloid treatment piercing is the use of oils of the tea tree. When this oil is applied on your keloid scar for 2 to 3 times a day, it will give some satisfying removal of the keloid scar.

These and other homemade remedies for keloid treatment piercing have registered varying results and so consulting your dermatologist would aid you in evaluating them and settling for the one that best suits your situation. In the event that these conventional methods do not yield any good results your dermatologist may advise you to consider a surgical removal of the keloid scar. Caution should in that case be taken to avoid chances of secondary infection.

There are other methods of keloid treatment piercing that could be termed as quite conservative but have too been helpful and there are illustrated here. Putting on a Band-Aid around the scar during sunlight will curb the keloid discoloration and preserve your good appearance. Another trick you should try is using an adhesive gel sheet. Applying the sheet over the keloid scar for about four hours initially and gradually increasing to about eight hours over time will be useful in cutting down the size of the keloid. This also alleviates the itchy symptoms that come with ear piercing keloids. An ear clip is another thing you might want to add to your dressing table. Using an ear clip or even a Zimmer splint by clipping it on your ear and clamping it to the keloid ensures your keloid scar stops building up. The splint exerts pressure on your earlobe and study indicates that such pressure applied constantly will reduce the ear piercing keloid by up to half.