When damage occurs deep in the skin tissues it may result into keloid scar. Our bodies exhibit the capability of naturally healing wounds and on a similar mechanism an injured tissue in the skin is healed by our body. This however may cause formation of excess lesion in the aftermath. A keloid scar under such circumstances tends to stretch past the original margin of the wound over time. This kind of scars more often are as a result of surgery, physical damage, piercing, chickenpox and other skin infections. Keloid scars can hence be described as a discrepancy of the body healing process. To get rid of keloid scars therefore calls for appropriate means to ensure a suitable removal of such scars. There are available remedies for keloid treatment at home.

The appropriate treatment of keloid scars often depend on an individual and the body part where the scar develops. It should be noted that some keloid scar treatments are considerably expensive while some may result to more damage to the skin. Keloid treatment at home is an excellent option with no chances of side effects. A number of homemade remedies have been tested to ensure an effective treatment that leaves the scars smaller, smooth and less conspicuous. The use of Mardema gel, made from extracts of onions and allantoin, has proven to be sufficient in lending the keloid scars a tender and better form. This homemade remedy and a topical gel sold over- the- counter is better used at the early stages of keloid development to boost the rate of the healing process as well as alleviating soreness on the scar.

Chafing cider vinegar over the surface affected by the keloid scar and its vicinity curbs the stretching and reduces the pinkness of the keloid. The vinegar may be diluted with water in the event that it gets too cruel on your skin. Caution should be observed such that the solution should not be rubbed on fresh scar but rather it should only applied to scars that have healed fully and development of keloid is rather obvious.

While using a cotton ball, applying lavender oil and wiping it is good way to alleviate the development of keloid. Besides being calming and exuding a refreshing sensation lavender has the reputation of being able to aid healing of scars. The oil should be applied twice daily to show good results. Vitamin E another solution for removal of keloid scars that has been reported to show excellent results. Vitamin E comes in form of a capsule and if you squeezed enough oil from it and smearing it on the scarred surface twice daily will promote healing and reducing the scar appearance.

Another effective remedy against inflammation and scarring is Thiosinaminum 5C. If applied twice daily within the first month of scar formation, Thiosinaminum 5C serves to alleviate the problem of keloid scarring. A daily gentle massage on the area having the keloid scar has shown significant results in curbing the growth of the scar and flattening the appearance of the keloid scars. A further example of keloid treatment at home is a proportional mixture of oil from seeds of the rose hip, essential oils of rose and evalasting, the mixture well preserved in a dark glass bottle. You may also want to consider pulsed electrotherapy as a homemade remedy.